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MST4600 Plastic Instrument Sterilization Tray Medium

54,00 (incl.VAT 64,80)

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PST Plastic Instrument Sterilization Tray Medium Single Level
Designed to store and protect eye surgery instruments during sterilization. Made in USA.
● Size: 6.5″ (162mm) L x 4.0″ (102mm) W x 0.75″ (19mm) H
● All sterilization methods: steam, autoclave, dry heat, flash, EtO, gas plasma, gamma radiation, hydrogen peroxide, cold sterilants, disinfectants, germicides
● The unique grid system in all bases, trays, and lids
● Stackable trays for easy handling and storage
● This is a complete set: base, lid, and silicone mat
● Reusable, Non-Sterile
● Material: General Electric’s ULTEM® resin and surgical grade silicone
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